How I Obtained a Chinese Driver’s Permit

Posted by Michael Michelini | Apr 12 2014 | Comments (4)
  A few days ago I got a Chinese driver’s permit – and once I shared the news my friends on social media were so curious how to do it – so I thought I’d take the time and blog about the process. Thanks to Angel, Chris, Wangxia for the help! So...

Turning 33 – Focused, Determined, & Family-Man to be

Posted by Michael Michelini | Apr 02 2014 | Comments (8)
No big birthday party this year – I’m maturing. I’m focused. I’m executing. I see a path. I have great friends who support me, and give me great advice when I’m in need. I may be under some of the greatest stress I’ve ever...

Shenzhen startup scene hot in April! @Haxlr8r’s Generator2.0, Startup Weekend & more

Posted by Michael Michelini | Mar 24 2014 | Comments (2)
April is an exciting months for the tech scene in Shenzhen! We have 2 awesome events that only come so often, so I’m writing up a special post to make sure everyone is aware I’ve been reducing the amount of networking events I attend over the years as I...

Submitted Social Agent v2 Mobile App to Apple, not giving up!

Posted by Michael Michelini | Mar 13 2014 | Comments (0)
Been a bit of a shut-in the past couple weeks since getting back from my USA roadtrip. Getting back to Asia after a month on the other side of the world – I was totally slammed with product development work with our amazing development team for our startup...

Process of Marriage between an American (Westerner) Marrying a Mainland Chinese

Posted by Michael Michelini | Mar 04 2014 | Comments (0)
I remember the beginning thought process of marrying Wangxia, and this blog post is more about the “logistics” of the process rather than the “love story” – hope this blog title isn’t too deceiving. I had asked around some of my American friends...

Sharing a USA Experience Through A Chinese Person’s Eyes

Posted by Michael Michelini | Mar 02 2014 | Comments (4)
I’m still recovering from jet lag and just pure exhaustion from the 33 day USA roadtrip – back in China now for a bit over a week. And my wife Wangxia (Wendy) spent each day making a daily dairy (in Chinese) and has finally compiled and released it....

Conclusions from My USA Roadtrip

Posted by Michael Michelini | Feb 21 2014 | Comments (2)
Typing this email up on my airplane from San Francisco to Seoul, Korea. Airplane rides are always kind of like a “transition” from one place to another, one state of mind to another. And I’ve been digesting the last 1 month in USA. Definitely an invaluable...

10 Apps I Use on my Roadtrip Travels to Work Anywhere!

Posted by Michael Michelini | Feb 14 2014 | Comments (1)
Typing out this blog in the passenger side of our van on this very road trip – and I was asked by some people what workflows and systems I use to keep up with work while on this 1 month road trip – I think its better to break it down by app. Have...

Finally in Florida, Visiting Parent’s after almost 3 years

Posted by Michael Michelini | Feb 08 2014 | Comments (4)
Finally arrived in Florida – some have asked why I waited so long in this USA roadtrip to get to Florida – well, I have been booking my China / international flights to the West Coast to save a few hundred dollars and then (in other trips) use my airline...

Meeting Long Lost Family in New York City!

Posted by Michael Michelini | Feb 05 2014 | Comments (2)
This effects from this blog continues to amaze me and influence my life! Last Friday afternoon I received a call from an unknown number in New York. He said he is my long lost uncle on my Russian grandmother’s side – I have to admit, as much as I try to...

Hyper-Fast Memory Lane in Hartford, Connecticut

Posted by Michael Michelini | Feb 03 2014 | Comments (0)
Nice to see Everyone, but so quick! Like a world wind tour – on this USA tour I am on I booked a few days in the city I was born and raised – Hartford, Connecticut. Also was nice that it worked out to be during Chinese New Years week – so the...

1st Week of our USA Roadtrip

Posted by Michael Michelini | Jan 24 2014 | Comments (5)
Typing this in the passenger side of Attila’s van this Tuesday morning about 9am local time. Day 5 being back in USA, and day 2 of the road trip. Been piecing together this blog post over the last few days – definitely the adventure we were expecting....

Wedding Recap & Pics

Posted by Michael Michelini | Jan 15 2014 | Comments (14)
I feel like my blog has definitely spun to be more personal than business lately, but I promise to add more business like posts now that the wedding insanity is behind us. Weddings I imagine are always stressful. For me, that Saturday last weekend, was also...

2 Amazing Tools to Help Me Prepare for An Amazing 2014

Posted by Michael Michelini | Jan 07 2014 | Comments (8)
Every 365 days everyone gets excited for another year for the books and another year to start. A clean slate. I believe life is all about learning about oneself, what he/she likes and is good at, and the people he or she wants to spend their time with. I do believe...

2013 Year in Review

Posted by Michael Michelini | Dec 29 2013 | Comments (3)
Remember last Christmas in Beijing eating pizza with my soon to be wife Wendy wondering if I (we) would live in Beijing or Shenzhen or Shanghai! Wow, how fast a year can pass! That location decision ended up being Shenzhen – mainly because my tech co-founder...

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